Vim 2 quick look at the MAX version and VTV installed

Khadas VIM2 Amlogic S912 3/64GB, AC WiFi Gig Lan, BT and VTV installed






Just a quick lots of test, shows it has sum get and go

At the present using a Custom rom by superceleron beta 1 and looking pretty good indeed,
Fast comes to mind… >
Available In ATV or Normal Android also found here.

  • Supplied fan using existing VIM-1 lid will catch on the Glan GST chip and there will be a slight bend in lid cover.
    Advised that New casing and Fan will be developed and a new housing for both Vim units…

I just nicked the cover of the Vim1 for now, some washers under corner to lift lid a couple of MM to remove the bend and all good for now and Heatsink from a Pi kit.


To Add to the Vim2 a bit of a show and tell of the VTV, DTV digital tuner
Well Packed and excellent looking Hardware

The Box

Look In

What’s In the Box




Pogo Pins

More as it happens


As Interesting as it may look, as one needs to work with what you have at hand.

All Mounted and ready to Walk out of here by the looks :grinning:

After finding the missing 4th Leg we are now back to a more Normal Height

Temporary Fan Fix, down to about 32C at idle

So then I was thinking
What if you need to use the GPIO
So we flipped it

And mount Base Plate to finish the job

Also an attempt to run the DTV Software was not 100%
After the Updated Fix,
VTV would crash on startup and can go no further at the present.
All in Good time…


New Firmware in and installed today.
DTV looking Good
Excellent work by all


Did you check all modes of the signal, S/S2, T/T2 , Cable, did they all working well?

ONly FTA here T/T2 all good here.
Set Sound to HDMI for AC3 ~ HD channel in Android Settings.

— What do you mean by this ?

All channels had Audio Except for AC3.
AC3 audio is present ON the HD Channels In AU according to info
Needed to be enabled in Sounds setting of Android.

Can you explain better how you change Android settings to play AC3 sound on HD channels? A step by step or tutorial?

Digital Sounds set to HDMI
Think default was Auto