VIM 2 1.2 BLE Advertising not supported?

I’m getting “BluetoothAdapter: Bluetooth LE advertising not supported” when I startup BLE Advertising. This works fine on Android 6 & 8 on Dragonboard or Raspberry Pi.

Any ideas why this doesn’t work on VIM2?

Hi Proto:
Can you specify more information of the BluetoothAdapter?

And which version Android ROM you installed on your VIM2?

Have fun!

The BluetoothAdapter is exporting 2 BLE Services. The code is working well on Android 6 & 8 on Dragonboard, IMX7 and Raspberry Pi. I get this error on the latest Khadas build Android 7.1 for VIM2.

I also get the same error on the latest Khadas 7.1 build for VIM1.

However, with Android 8 on VIM1 it works fine.

Hi - this is with VIM2_Nougat_V180619 on the VIM2.

Do you know why this happens?