VIM 1 - brokem eMMC

I have eMMC broken on VIm 1 first edition . I can boot from sdcard with Krescue, but Krescue is the only image booting. Where can I find firmware whos booting from sdcard or usb ? Libreelec or pi-hole, maybe.
Thank you.

^ this is a test image. It’s not something you’d want for normal use due to audio glitches that are still being investigated, but for purposes of booting a device to a command prompt or something you are familiar with, it will boot and run from SD card or USB stick; and once there (assuming it works and is not simply corrupted) the image can be written to emmc using the emmctool helper.

Doesn t work. SDcard or USB. Thank you for support. eMMC is damage.

Try maskrom mode with a bootable sd card like chewitt advised.
Maskrom mode will disable emmc completely so bootrom will look for uboot on sd card or usb.

Good luck