Video stutter while streaming terrarium tv

Hi, vim2 arrived yesterday and I have installed the latest firmware. After playing approx 30mins the video paused / stuttered. Is this due to thermal heat on the chip the picture shows 68.1 deg Celsius. Is this temperature ok for streaming? Do I need a heat sink? All I want to do is stream with this box. Or should I just leave it and monitor it?

Hi, Rob:
Yep, recommend to install a heatsink for your VIM2 :wink:

Not sure what the ambient temperature is, but 68 degree is still a safe temp for streaming.


Thanks for the prompt reply. Ambient temp was 26.5 deg celcius. Do you think a fan is necessary also?

Would be better with a fan, but just needed for geek users, a heatsink will be enough for most working environment.


Hi, just like to say that video stutter was not the vim2. I have a minix u9-h and it also stuttered. This is from a slow server / link in terrarium tv. I installed a heatsink today anyway. Thanks

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