Video : How to install Panfrost GPU driver on Ubuntu 22.04

Hi all.
I’ve just made a quick video about how to install the panfrost driver onto Ubuntu 22.04 server.
It is simple to do. Here the video :

Here the instructions :

sudo cp mali_csffw.bin /lib/firmware
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:liujianfeng1994/panfork-mesa
sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade
sudo apt install xubuntu-desktop

I’m happy to have this. Makes the Edge2 way more useful.

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Hello @NicoD

Thanks for this guide.

How is the perfomance compare to the Wayland on Mali blobs?

Hi @numbqq It depends on what software/games.
But for example SuperTuxKart does 60FPS with it while wayland with blob gets 110FPS.
It is better than most other SBCs. VIM3 used to be best with 19FPS.
Certainly PPSSPP performs way beter here. Doing 3X scaling full screen plays perfect.

GLMark got a result of 1049. But that’s just a benchmark and doesn’t teach us much.

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So we need a special version of mesa?

It’s a fork with some optimizations. “Valhall v10 “CSF” support branch—for Mali G710/G610.”
It is being up-streamed into main mesa branch.
More info here :

Here is armbian-gaming for those who want to install box86, box64, wine and PPSSPPSDL. I forgot to put the link in the first post.

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Is this still working Nico? I think i’ve tried that ppa but gave me some dpkg erros I’m gonna try it again by your commad lines.

Should still be working. I’ve been using Armbian Jammy on the KEdge2 lately with panfork and multimedia repo.

You can download an image here but might be better to build one yourself to have the latest fixes.
I’m now on a trip, when back home I’ll make a new video about armbian jammy gnome on khadas edge2 for desktop and gaming. Good luck.

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Im flashing monkas very best right now.

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That’s exactly the image I’m gonna use for the video. But don’t have links here on my PineBookPro. I’ve been using it for months on Mekotronics R58 Mini and love it a lot.
I do ass PPSSPP with armbian-gaming. Other than that everything is pre-installed.

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