Video : Comparison of NanoPi M4/RockPi4B/Odroid N2/Khadas VIM3

Hi all.
I’ve made a comparison video of the NanoPi M4, the Rock Pi 4B, Odroid N2 and the Khadas VIM3.
All have got their own strong and weak points. The Khadas excels in raw CPU power.
Here’s my video.

Comparison NanoPi M4 - RockPi4 - Odroid N2 - Khadas VIM3

I’ve just bought a Samsung Bar Plus USB3 flash drive for the Khadas VIM3. Read speeds up to 300MB/s. I’ll use this as root device now.
I’ll make a video about it with the Khadas VIM3 in a few weeks.


USB3 booting far faster than SD slot. :+1:

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I’m noticing it. 300MB/s vs 20MB/s is a huge deal.
I was using the M4 as main driver because of its NVMe. Now it’s leanin back over to the VIM3 with the Samsung Bar Plus(256GB).
It’s half the speed of the NVMe, but fast enough. And the cpu is so much faster for the VIM3. I’m so happy with this.
I’ve got the 2GB ram 16GB eMMC model. No room for a big swapfile for serious work on that eMMC. So that’s fixed now. And it’s faster than the eMMC too.

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