ValidationError: Your model ir_version is higher than the checker's

I’ve been using an older version of the NPU SDK to export onnx models. I was using the included script to translate, and it was working. I recently updated the NPU SDK to version, and now I get the following error:

I Start importing onnx...

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 40, in
File “”, line 33, in main
File “acuitylib/”, line 138, in load_onnx
File “acuitylib/app/importer/”, line 72, in run
File “acuitylib/converter/”, line 462, in init
File “acuitylib/converter/”, line 159, in polishing_model
File “onnx/”, line 18, in polish_model
File “onnx/”, line 86, in check_model
onnx.onnx_cpp2py_export.checker.ValidationError: Your model ir_version is higher than the checker’s.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Figured this one out. You can only import if you’ve exported using pytorch 1.2.0 or earlier. Later versions of pytorch will run into this.

Any chance of getting support for later versions of pytorch?

You will have to ask @Frank about that