Using WiFi kills USB 3.0

Please check this video, at this point in time @11:21:

There is a serious problem with WiFi killing USB 3.0 port. So one has to choose between having USB or WiFi.

Has this been fixed? Or, will it be fixed?

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I am sorry to inform that this problem is due to Hardware issue
rather than software and cannot be fixed.

This problem is not only on the VIM3, but many electronic devices due to the interference caused by the the 2.4 GHz band.This ongoing issue exists From the day USB 3.0 and 2.4 GHz Wifi existed on a device but in this case is amplified due to the close proximity of the Two devices

But if you are using the 5GHz band there should be no issue

you can use the M.2 Slot provided which if activated with the USB3/PCIe switch in the firmware the PCIe is activated allowing for other peripherals (maybe even a PCIe USB 3 extenstion ) and the onboard USB port becomes a 2.0 port and should not disturb you.

I am sorry if that causes any problem to you, and I hope that you could understand that


Do you possibly plan to redesign the board in near future? Maybe moving WiFi further away from the USB3.0 or creating some kind of shielding?

I would love to be able to do that but,
I don’t work at khadas :neutral_face:

however you can tag the other Khadas members like
@tsangyoujun @Terry who can take your request.

further more you can list your idea in the following thread,

hope that solves your problem :slightly_smiling_face:

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my personal opinion is of course, but it seems to me that 2.4 GHz few people use for the Internet, but more and more people use Bluetooth, which uses a frequency of 2.4 GHz :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe one can just include a can that goes over the Wi-Fi chip.

Or like on the mobile phone boards, there is a metal fence going around high frequency components.

That solution is used with ESP32 which includes both Wi-Fi and BT and is quite cheap and it is very popular. I am not an electronics engineer but it’s not far fetched.

however, now I did a test for fun, I have a usb3.0 USB flash drive with coreelec and I connected the headphones via Bluetooth from the same coreelec system and everything works well in line of sight! I listened for about 20 minutes, no problems!:grin:

Try using Wi-Fi on 2.4 GHz.

If you don’t mind, what is the data transfer speed on your USB 3.0 drive?

read 367 mb/s ,write 125 mb/s

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I can read Cyrillic letters. You say Mb/s but screen shows MB/s. Which is right?

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Yes, on the Internet 2.4ghz could not connect, only 5 ghz and a wire.

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here is the rated speed :grin:

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That’s very fast for just USB stick! I didn’t know they can go that fast.

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yes, vim3 has a very good usb3.0 port, for devices of this type!

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USB 3.0 is very fast and is awesome
but its a waste to see it get disrupted by the WiFi :frowning_face:

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