Using VIM3 I2S as slave clock

Is there any possiblity to put the Khadas vim3 as a i2s slave and use the clocks provided by the i2s device attached to it?

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yes ,if you are using android ,you can modify the dts file arch/arm/boot/dts/amlogic/kvim3.dts as following

Thanks @jasonl !
I’m using linux, so I’ll try to modify the kvim3_linux.dts and see what happens. It looks that on linux the first chunk of your diff is specified in the overlays/kvim3/i2s.dts
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Is it possible to make an i2s MCLK signal as an input to apply an external clock from the DAC to it? I use Linux (Coreelec) on Khadas Vim 3. Thanks!

@Nil001 you can ask @Frank for help

@E_H11 Hello, if you need, we can do a test with Ubuntu. But if you need to use Coreelec, you must test by yourself. Kernel with Coreelec is different with us Ubuntu kernel.

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Many thanks for answers!

@Nil001 OK, I add it to my next week plan.

Thank you very much, Frank! I will be very happy about it.

I would like to know the answer for Linux mainline kernel as well.

Hi @Frank did you get a chance to look into this?

How do we do this with the I2C port on Ubuntu? What would the DTS changes be?