Using the FPC connector(s) on the KTB

Hi there - and Happy New Year!
I will soon start a project to add a display to my KTB, based on the Ian Canada ESS control board.
All I need is to take off the I2S SCK and LRCK signals and the board will automatically display the current format being played. I can find the required signals (and power) on the I2S Ext FPC socket but I am having trouble ‘operating’ the locking device on the connector. Has anyone experience of using these connectors, maybe a photo showing in which position the locking bar is locked or unlocked? I find it quite tricky actually getting the FPC cable to insert, so any tips will be welcome!

@James its very simple to use, just open the connector by getting your fingernail under the latch from the opposite side and gently pry up and towards yourself, do not pry the black connector latch more than 90 degrees from being flat, insert the FPC cable, contacts down, with 60% of the black tab inside the connector, firmly push back down on the latch and it should be connected

stay safe && happy holidays!

ref. pic:

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Thanks so much for the clear instructions, Very helpfull!!