Using the external camera in Android apps!

I want to buy a Khadas product, but which products should I choose from?

With which Khadas products can I transfer the image processed on an external source such as a PC to applications such as Istagram, TikTok, Bigo Live using a physical USB capture card?

What are the minimum system requirements for a healthy live stream on TikTok, for example?

Is it possible to stream audio to apps in stereo like on iOS devices (Android devices usually stream mono audio)? Is there a device or method that should be preferred for this?

Thanks in advance for the answers.

Please look towards devices such as VIM3, VIM4, or Edge2 for these applications. VIM4 itself, supports HDMI capture without need for external capture card.

It will be Android limitation if it streams in mono audio and not in stereo. Maybe you need to check with using Ubuntu OS images.


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Thanks for your quick responses. I’m asking because I’m not familiar with the software. This is how I understand it. Apps put restrictions on the android operating system, do I understand correctly?

On my iOS OS, the default camera app allows stereo audio recording and encodes the stereo to TikTok. When listening to the TikTok stream, the audio is also stereo. Is it possible to do this on android? For example, the OPEN CAMERA APP allows stereo recording. Is it not possible to capture images with stereo sound with OPEN CAMERA APP? I apologize for asking so many questions.

I think the best choice among your suggestions would be a VIM4 with active cooling kit and NPU.

Yes, That depends on application, you need to check if the android application support stereo audio streaming.