Using .NET core 6 with Khadas VIM3


We are building a project with the Khadas VIM3 running Ubuntu 20.04, kernel 4.9 and would like to program it using .NET core 6 (C#) May I please know if someone has tried it and if it is compatible with the Khadas VIM3. Any opinions on using the .NET core over writing in Python? Is one more robust or easy than the other?

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Hello @Balaji

No idea about this, maybe someone else could help you. :face_with_peeking_eye:

Not a .NET programmer, but I can maybe provide assistance into what language and libraries maybe more suitable for your project.

could you elaborate on your target ?


not tried it but suspect if depends what you want to do - basic program vs complex vs hardware io etc. That would help answer your C# vs python question as well. I use both but pick for the application - C# for desktop type apps with database access etc. python for webserver / hardware control type apps so would say very app dependent!

I would try installing the runtime and see if you get errors or not. It runs on ubuntu Install .NET on Ubuntu - .NET | Microsoft Learn