Using Khadas VIM as a Docker Host

Hey guys!

My names Daniel Sont. I’m a pretty avid Docker fan. I’m going to be getting my Khadas VIM soon and I’m planning on using it for something pretty neat.

I’m a developer. I love programming web applications, from choosing a fun new DB to base things on, to writing up Go and React code and making something neat that I like.

Lately, I’ve been focusing a lot on orchestrating docker containers. I have a web application I’m working on similar to Slack, but you can create your own custom commands that run real code in docker containers. These containers are going to be run on my Khadas VIM!

So the idea is pretty simple.

  1. Get Khadas VIM on my network with a docker server running and exposed.
  2. Add it to a database of docker hosts (It will be the first one)
  3. Use the DOCKER_HOST env var to talk to it’s docker when neccessary

and we can get more advanced later. I suppose later I’d be wanting to create a tiny grpc server that I would stick on each Khadas VIM in the network that can return information about the current resource usage of a node, and an interface to create containers with, without directoy talking to the docker hosts.

Going to be fun!

Looking forward to getting involved here, and would love to hear about anything similar you’ve done!



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