Using GPIO connector

Hello! Two USB ports on the board are busy, is it possible to use pins 2-5 from the GPIO connector?

2 pin GPIO connector (5V) -> 1 pin USB connector
3 pin GPIO connector (USB_DM) -> 2 pin USB connector
4 pin GPIO connector (USB_DP) -> 3 pin USB connector
5 pin GPIO connector (GND -> 4) pin USB connector

I specify due to the unusual notation USB_DM, USB_DP

Hello, Not sure which Khadas SBC you are using, but yes, USB from GPIO works. Refer to your SBC’s GPIO pin out from its page at

I apologize - I forgot to clarify what I have Khadas VIM2

I am almost sure that the USB terminal on the GPIO connector works, I just wanted to make sure that the signal pins USB_DM and USB_DP correspond to the D- and D + contacts on the USB circuit of the USB connector shown earlier

Yes DM=Data Minus(D-) and DP=Data Plus(D+).
I used a PC remote USB board to tap the GPIO USB ports(VIM1 example)…


Ok, thanks for the info