Using digital out on tone board

Saw someone on YouTube using both RCA and coax digital out at the same time, but I can’t get it to work.

I have RCA connected to CD input on a receiver, and it works fine, but when plugging the coax out to one of the digital inputs I get nothing. Using a coax ( orange ended) cable.

DAC is connected to a Mac, if that matters.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong? Thanks

@Eric68 might have solution there.

Tone board can support SPDIF in by itself,but SPDIF out needs the conditions that it must match to VIMs.
The block diagram of tone board is showing below.

If you want to use only tone board to achieve spdif out,you must modify the circuts and update the firmware of XMOS. Or you can buy tone2,it can support both spdif in and spdif out.

Ah, the person I saw must have had the tone board 2.

Disappointed, but the tone board has served me very well.


Can you send me the website of the YouTube video? And let me make sure that.

At 11:20 he plugs in the COAX, then states it isn’t working, but says he had it working before. So now unsure if he actually had it working with COAX.

Thanks for the help.

Yes,when he plugs in the COAX,the voice is still from USB,because the USB priors to the COAX.You should stop to play the USB music,you can hear the voice from COAX.
He also did not use the COAX out from this video.