Using Buildroot to create a very minimalistic Linux System for VIM1s

The VIM1s is advertised with Buildroot, among other things. Does anyone have a step-by-step guide on how to do this?

Is it difficult to create a Linux image that is trimmed for a short boot time (few seconds) from EMMC and just starts a headless browser (without a desktop environment) that can display local HTML files and playing videos stored locally with hardware accelerated playback? I don’t need any audio or network support, just some way to be able to access the shell when needed, e.g. by pressing a specific key at startup.

Who can help me here? Would be very grateful and would also pay for it.

That is very simple to do with 2 lines in a terminal. It will shorten your boot time some what but not as fast as a bare uboot then a bare kernel. The button can be done easily with a start up script and /sys/gpio.

However, what you are asking for regarding display of HTML without a desktop manager like X11 or Wayland running does not exist, that I am aware of, in public domain.
I like the Khadas boards very much, problem is amlogic. Without a technical resource manual and other BSP stuff that is needed for development it does not go very far.

My suggestion would be to by a book on BASH scripting, Linux command line and shell scripting bible, by Christen Bresnahan and Richard Blume. Excellent book, code and examples actually work. I have a copy at home and at the office, it is a must have book and a good starting point for you.

Thanks a lot for the tips. I have experience with GPIO programming. That won’t be the problem at all.

I still think my plan is pretty hopeless. I’m expecting too much. Nevertheless, I would be interested to know if anyone has already created a simple minimal working system for VIM1 or VIM1s using Buildroot and how I have to go about it in order to support this platform. I’ve done this before for Raspberry Pi, but it’s some time ago.

So I would be interested in:

  • how to create a working buildroot?
  • how can I boot this image directly from eMMC?
  • what else do I need to run a browser with this that supports hardware-accelerated video decoding?

There is no Buildroot support for VIM1S, where you got this information?

Ohhh :man_facepalming: I must have missed it. I’m sorry. You are right.
This is really disappointing. Does anybody know what will be the OS with the fastest boot time that is fully supporting a modern browser in VIM1s?