Using Arch Linux?

Hi all - loving my Edge2, but wondering if it was possible to install Arch Linux ARM on it? I see that this is (or was once) an option for the other Khadas line-up, but has since been removed from krescue-scripts?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I have worked on manjaro support for edge2.
Manjaro uses arch linux as base.

Yeah, I know Manjaro - would love to use it on the Edge 2! :slight_smile:

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Any updates on manjaro support on Edge 2?

Let me look into it over the weekend


Sadly there is no hdmi support for rk3588s in mainline kernel yet.

So no point in making a minimal image without hdmi support.

Theres hdmi support for rk3588 only correct? 3588s nothing yet ? I havent checked yet. · main · hardware-enablement / Rockchip RK3588 upstream enablement efforts / Notes for Rockchip 3588 · GitLab nothing yet for DP alt mode yet.