Use I2C with Home Assistant

Hellow, I’m trying to use the i2c (with home assistant) but get the “NotImplementedError: Board not supported”).
For solve this problem, need add Khadas VIM1 to Platform Detect for Blinka. (
Can you help me?

Hi @suba83
You might need to specify more details on this, for example:

  • How you setup the physical connection between VIM1 and the device over I2C?
  • How you setup the software/driver to let the device work out?

Good day!

Hellow, i use open source Home Assistant for smart home und i need connect MCP23017 I/O Expander to Khadas VIM1. It’s standart integration. I connect MCP23017 to I2C und has detect it. But mcp23017 implementation depends upon and external adafruit-circuitpython-mcp230xx package that depends itself upon Adafruit_Blinka package that includes the board module. Khadas doesn’t support.
I’d like add Khadas to support Adafruit_Blinka/
This is guide
For me is very difficult.