Use I2C GPIO ????

I would like to use the GPIO I2C
Can you suggest a solution

Hi, Duberick:
Do you mean physical I2C bus or GPIO-to-I2C?

Check GPIO Mapout for information.

I2C on GPIO (A OR B)Kadas VIM

A is already with pull-up register, and B need external pull-up register if used as I2C.

You can check the schematic for further details:

How to access programming (Kernel) to i2C
thank you for your collaboration

It’s common linux driver acknowledge, you can Google for that :slight_smile:

You can not give me an example of an I2C script on kadas vim

Thank you

drivers/amlogic/display/backlight/bl_extern/i2c_lp8556.c is a exmaple on Amlogic platform for your refrence, you can also research more examples on drivers/amlogic folder:

$ grep -rn i2c drivers/amlogic/

OK, thanks
I work on it I will let you know of my work