USB hub question

Will something like this work on vim3 for additional mouse and keyboard connections?

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If it is a hub it should work. However, I would not use that particular one if the intent is plugging it straight to the VIM3, because of the physical strain on the VIM3’s USB port. With three cables connected to the hub, the weight on the port, IMO puts a significant physical load on the connector and/or PCB. If you used an extension cable between the hub and the VIM3, that would reduce the physical load on the port.

Also worth mention, if you use the VIM3’s M.2 socket, USB will operate as USB2 and so the hub would only operate at USB2. See here for more info on port mode.

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Ok so is there a way to connect a hub to USB c port which powers the VIM as well as connects mouse and keyboard through it?

The VIM3’s USB-C port offers PD support and USB2 OTG.
Screen snip from here(scroll down to the Specs section).


So… Is that a yes? Sorry if I’m stupid question

if you wanted to use it, you would need to enable USB-C host in linux and use a USB-C dock with USB-C power pass through,

something like a macbook dongle should suffice

I’d suggest something like this:

please note that the USB-C will operate at USB-2.0 speeds, so its only good for keyboards and mice

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Will something like this work?

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So I use this hub, plug the khadas 24w charger into this hub, connect the hub c type to the board and I’m good to go? Hopefully the hub translate the maximum of 24w to the board and not divert it to other places.

No, Khadas has its own voltage, HUB needs its own voltage separately as needed.

But how will I Power the board if hub is connected to the type C port :thinking:

I’m not connecting this hub to the blue usb3 port, I’m taking about the type C PD port… :grin:

Yes, you are right, it is only on the Edge series there are two tipe-c.

Better to use HUB over USB…

@Yasir_Javed you could definitely buy that as well, its your convenience, and how you need it,
just remember that:

  • hub should support USB-C PD,
  • you need to later modify the USB-C OTG configuration to host in the device tree so it can get recognised, you can take the help of @numbqq, @hyphop or myself to guide you through it,


Putting voltage on vim through the HUB, this is the worst advice :see_no_evil::grinning:

please do not say “worst advice” it is quite insulting, if It is your method of constructive criticism, I highly advise you to approach in a more softer manner…

we are always welcome to hear out any suggestion and ideas from your side :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi ,

Can i use this on gpio to make usb port for keyboard or mouse?

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I studied the vim3 gpio and looks to me is ok but need expert advice.

Why don’t you want to use one of the two USB ports, or expand them with a HUB?
Why aren’t you looking for easy ways?:slightly_smiling_face:

For these purposes, what you suggested yourself in your first post is quite suitable.

You were just misled by some people here.:upside_down_face:

yup it should work, but you need to solder on the 2.5mm pitch female headers,

will you not be using a case with your VIM3?
it might interfere with the case, in such scenario its better you can add 2.5mm female dupont header cables

EDIT: There is something fishy, maybe i need more research, dont trust what i typed below, i will correct later

Ok So i did some research and below are my findings:

USB has 4 wires, BLACK/ground, GREEN/data negative , WHITE/data positive, RED/voltage 5v

VIM3 has below GPIO(2,3,4,5) in same pattern:

I found below TYPE-A female to DUPONT pins connector on AliExpress… with same cable colors scheme.

I think this should work for me… I read that a311d USB I/O is not too great, the best is probably with rockpi4c as it has dedicated controllers USB3.0 for its 2 USB3.0 ports… even the NanoPiM4 has fake 4 USB3.0 as they actually share same bandwidth internally.

At least khadas is honest and upfront about the USB situation, this is probably the limitation of SoC amlogic. I think instead of NPU, in future they should focus even more on I/O but i am planning to also make use of NPU for face recognition and face unlock in my home so its all good.

Now just hoping i receive the board very soon so i can start working on it.

Yes, you just need the four, 5v, D-, D+, and ground, the fifth wire is probably for shield.That connector’s headshell makes it easy to swap pins if they are in the wrong order compared to the GPIO USB’s order.

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Vim3 only has audio over hdmi. If i want to connect 3.5 jack speakers, Can we use something like below on vim?