USB camera support

Hi. all
i installed successfully the "VIM2 - SCV3-ATV Beta (AndroidTV) " thanx for superceleron
now i connected usb camera which can recognized by OTG app’s but… i cant use it as my default web cam - for skype as example…
how can i fix it ? any USB HID is missing?
thanx in advanced

Can you specify the USB camera model you used?

We tested our official Android ROM with Logitech C525, works fine here.

Have fun!

hi thanx for getting back to me.

ELP Sony IMX322 Sensor Mini Usb Camera Module HD 1080P
like this

Hi, guyatias:
According to the Amlogic QPL IMX322 is not in the support list:

Is it possible for you to change a new usb camera from the QPL list? If you still want to add IMX322 support, may need some software development.

Note: other usb camera models might also works, just haven’t tested.

Have fun!

Are you a developer? A printing log would be helpful for us to locate the issues.

"may need some software development"
how can we make it happens ?
how long development shall it take?
the sensor is very important for my project- with HQ sensor.
thanx for your kindly help.

Do you know how to catch the printing log?

hope it can give a lid\hint


another question that just pop up how come OTG APP like cameraFI can use the usb camera if the Amlogic is not supporting ?

does some one over here has any lid? i’d be grateful :slight_smile:

From the log you posted, I cannot figured out the problem, and as I don’t have thus camera in my hand I just cannot ensure the issues you met.

PS: What I can do now is just get this topic PINED for 3 days and hope some one might help it.

Good luck!

Hi friend! I want to use my ELP 1080p camera with my VIM. Did you solve the problem with ELP usb camera support? Was it possible to develop any software? Thanks in advance for the answer.

unfortunately no one could help…
so i just left my dream with it…

Hi Yodgorbek:
No sure the ELP dual camera works or not, but I’m instrested and wonder why you use dual camera on VIM? :wink:


i just was interested to see rather i can do video conference using 3d.
meanwhile i think rather we can work together on special rom for my conference needs
do u have time for creating custom rom ?