Usb camera & npu demo

I’m on last ubuntu Desktop image and got a logitech c930e usb camera connected to vim3

How to test npu demo of life usb camera images?

Npu file is downloaded and /intercept produces output.

OK, the official guide is of course out of date and the Readme is just horrible.

./INSTALL could basically provide some User Feedback that all is setup ok.

Telling user where the USB camera is your be a nice feature as well.

The Readme the different -m 0 to -m 3 could have a bit more description to tell what object are actually detected.

If I run ./detect-demo_x11_usb see a live image without detection.
After 1-2 minutes all CRASHES :frowning:

Vim3 got a cooling fan + heatsync + 5v 2.4 A usb c power !!!

As soon as I add -m 0 or any other number i se a glimps of a image then the VIM crashes

I double checked if there are any newer updates, but all is the last version.

If I add the Undecribed option -w 720 , the vim3 will last a bit longer, but again will crash.

I therefore request from KHADAS some feedback as this makes it impossible to do any testing.