USB-C does not work

I use VIN Extra Power Input to power my Khadas (Android 6.0).
To connect different USB devices (like USB-camera or U-drive) I try use USB-C port.
Now USB-C port is free, but does nott work,
I try connect these USB peripherals via "Ty[pe C Male to USB 3.0 Cable Adapter"
But USB-C does not work. It can be used to powering only.
Why USB-C port can operate only for powering the Khadas (Android 6.0) , not for data transferring?

Hi, igor2000:
As the USB-C port is based on USB OTG and support both modes:

  • Host mode: same as USB Host
  • Slave mode: to connect PC, and VIMs device now like a USB disk

The USB-C is configed as Slave mode in all our official ROM, and if you want to connect a USB camera, should be Host mode, that’s the reason why it doesn’t work.

You can simply setup the USB-C working mode to support USB Camera.


Grand thanks.
And the last.
How can I setup the USB-C working mode to Host mode in my VIM (Android 6.0)

Are you a developer? You need to rebuild the source code.

You need to modify two file

  • arch/arm64/boot/dts/amlogic/kvim.dts
-- controller-type = <2>
++ controller-type = <1>
  • device/khadas/kvim/init.amlogic.usb.rc
-- insmod /system/lib/dwc_otg.ko