USB-C cable with on/off switch for power and data transfer?

TL;DR: Is there any usb-c cable with on/off switch that transfers both data and power simultaneously?

I have a JDS Labs Atom AMP + Khadas Tone Board stack and it’s great, however the one thing that still buzzes my mind is that when I switch to my powered speakers that are connected directly to the motherboard, I turn the AMP off, however the DAC stays on and gets warm. I would prefer If there was a way to turn it off without unplugging the USB-C cable every time when not in use.

I couldn’t find anything, apart this one here, however it transfers only power, which is useless as I wouldn’t be able to use it with my PC at all.


introducing a physical switch in the cable, is just one one of the hidden ways to introduce noise into the power delivery circuit, please keep it in mind, if you are concerned about that :wink:

also having a warm DAC is good I heard ?, makes the noise a bit more smooth (due to the physics behind semiconductors)

Also a voltage drop.

So do you reckon having the Tone Board powered at all times when using a PC isn’t anything I should be concerned about?

What’s your opinion on this, if I may ask?