Usb burning tool error


Hello I have a problem in the mecool m8s pro w box … I installed the atvXperience firmware on it, this rom did not go very well, so I decided to go back to the stock rom. So I came across a bug in the USB birning tool ,It shows this error:
Error [0x00101004] Erase bootloader / Lowper / Identify / Error result…

Can someone help me? with this error I can not pass any rom and I want to go back to stock and I can not


Hello, I assume most here have not tried the ATVX firmware. I tried it on the Khadas VIM, I was unsuccessful in the brief time I fooled with it.
You may want to ask at or ATVXperience forums.

Shots in the dark…
Set “force erase all” in the USB Burning Tool.
Try a different version of the USB Burning Tool.

Good luck.


This error comes when the uboot is incompatible. Try replacing atvx’s uboot with your device’s.