USB burning tool can not see khadas vim1

after the error of uploading, the device after pressing a combination of keys is not detected in windows, it is not detectable at all, but the windmill is spinning. 10 succeeded, 5 did not … and these 5 m did not work, the same error jumped when trying to upload MATE 4.9.

how to fix it? 90% of links in this forum leading to repair or installation of others like usb do not work …

Yes, in this situation, you have to try MRegister mode to enter upgrade mode.

after long time, FOUND SOLUTION!!!

PUT POWER USB-C and >>> image :stuck_out_tongue:

connect the power and short 2 pads, only carefully, then VIM will be detected correctly. without SD :slight_smile:

If it does not detect it, let somebody help you, disconnect the power supply, connect the 2 pads and connect the power supply. must detect.

Do not forget select ERASE FORCE ALL!

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I found the TF card is inserted in. If u-boot is available in TF card, you will boot from it when you short-circuit the MRegister, so you had better to remove the TF card in order to boot into MASKROM mode successfully.:wink: