USB Barcode Scanner

I recently purchased a VIM3 Pro board and using it for a project for scanning barcodes etc. The problem I’m having is that the Android OS is disabling the on-board keyboard when you plug in a USB barcode scanner or even a bluetooth scanner. Apparently you are suppose to “Disable the Use Physical Keyboard option” normally found in Language & Input but this option doesn’t exist. Any help would be appreciated :crossed_fingers:

I think I fixed it. If anyone is having this issue then try this, when say in google chrome and you are about to type anything while the USB barcode scanner is plugged in, you will get a blank transparent rectangle box the same size as the onscreen keyboard but with no layout, then at the bottom right near the edge of the screen, just tap in the area a few times until you get a pop-up window which will allow you to enable the on-screen keyboard. It seems to be a bug in the software. I hope they fix this. :grinning:

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