UPS Power Supply Options

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Official Ubuntu 22.04

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I’d like to add a UPS power supply to the VIM4. I have 2 options:

  1. Waveshare Power Management HAT (B). This is designed for a RPi, using the 40 GPIO pin array. I’m fairly certain that there are some subtle differences in the pin configurations that seem to prevent it from working. Is is possible to power the VIM4 using the PWR & GND pins on the GPIO array? Is it possible to rearrange the sense pins on the HAT to make it work with the VIM4?

  2. RPi UPSPack Standard V3P. This unit has a higher power rating that I’ve been able to power an Edge 2 through the PD Type C port. It also provides a 5V pin header that I would like to use to drive the VIM4 directly, rather than through the Type C PD port. Is this possible?

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Without looking at the actual ups and knowing the power requirements of the pi are lower, chances are it would not work very well.

If you need battery operation you would be better making your own battery pack that can handle the current demands of the vim4. When we were testing the Vim boards, they were ran on 6V dc without any problems, not sure if that is Khadas approved so please check with them first if you go that direction.

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Hello @Andrew_Ernest

Neither of these will work on the Header pins, as those are only power out, and do not permit the input of power into the system.

You can consider trying to use their outputs to connect to the VIN port i.e with a modified VIN cable and that may do the job, it will just not be able to work by being connected to the header pins.

Warm Regards.