Upgrade via udisk in u-boot

Hi, Everyone !
I would like to inquire about upgrading while using the vim3 android version.
System update via usb memory in uboot mode, I am curious about how to update the system through usb memory (udisk) based on emmc usage. (uboot, kernel, dtb, rootfs, etc.)

  1. There is “recovery_from_udisk” in the bootscript. Is this available? I am curious in what scenario you use
  2. Is uboot’s “usb_update” command available? Where can I check the detailed usage
  3. Is there a better way to upgrade via udisk?

Thank you.

@jspark usb_upate command is available , you can use it

Dear Frank, thank you for answer.
I can see the “usb_update” usage belows.
- e.g.
to burn partition boot with boot.img of usb 0 : “usb_update boot boot.img”
to burn partition system with system.img of usb 0 : “usb_update system system.img”
How can I get the entire partition information?

This tool is used for android. Ubuntu use a totally different partition table with android. You can check Fenix source for more information.