Update on next gen KTBD

Q3 : Could you please give me detailed information about the next gen KDTB which 4 weeks ago was supposed to be ready End of July ??? Features, Price and RFM date ???

Thanx in advance, Tom


i’m very keen to know about this too. are we able to preorder the DAC? Given the success of the first model, I have no doubt you will have another success on your hands. All it would need extra from me are an enclosure and the ESS hump fix.

anybody notice their aliexpress store doesn’t sell the model anymore?

Is there a notification list I can be put on when the new version of KTBD is available fo purchase with hump fix and case?

Is please put me on it. Thanks

Hi Khadas team,

I am planning to purchase VIM3 and Tone pair, do you have any updated information on the new Tone board?

Let me know, thanks