Update Firmware on Tea on Mac

Hi - how do I update firmware on Tea on a Mac?

Sorry,We do not have USB Audio Device Firmware Burner for MacOS system. But we can offer the Windows version Burner,you should need a Windows PC to update it.

And you also have another way to do it, you can download Tea App(Android) from our website. then you can update firmware from Tea App.

Thanks, Eric. I may hunt up an android device. Question: what changes were made between launch firmware and the current 20-May-2022 06:18:57 version at http://dl.khadas.com/products/tea/firmware/tea_upgrade_ess_firmware_en_220517.pdf
so I can work out if its worth doing.

or is that just an update to the pdf and the DAC firmware is still the original V1?

Thanks -Paul

Where is a download link to the Tea App?

Yes,DAC firmware is still V1.0 Version. The version of V1.1 is at testing stage.

Tea App is still on the stage of testing.We will release is in the next quarter.