Unable to upgrade Tone1 board

Hello I am unable to upgrade the tone1 board to the v2 firmware. I have tried two different OS:
1/ Windows 10: after the software installation and running the upgrade Khadas tool, the board does not get identified, i.e., not detected by the system. Impossible to upgrade. Yes, I have tried to plug and unplug the board in different usb ports. No success.
2/ Debian 12 (bookworm). Following the installation guidelines, after running the ‘sudo ./INSTALL’ command, I get the error message “$ cat: /etc/lsb-release: No such file or directory”. Probably because this was written for old versions of ubuntu. Does someone know how to update the INSTALL script with the write program path?

Any help to upgrade the tone1 board would be welcome.

Hi Gasparov,
Tone1 use the new ASIO driver and dfu tool while upgrade to v2.0 or late, and the old firmware only use the old ASIO driver and dfu tool(New firmware use the Khadas USB PID/VID). Please try this(for Windows 10):