Ubuntu Server - Setting up Hostspot/Internet

Which system do you use? Android, Ubuntu, OOWOW or others?


Which version of system do you use? Khadas official images, self built images, or others?

Fenix Self-Built Images Ubuntu 22

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Seriously struggling to get a usable hotspot setup using the instructions on the Khadas Docs page ( Set Wi-Fi to STA + AP Modes | Khadas Documentation)

No issue getting a hot-spot working and connected but no matter what I do I cannot get an internet connection - the wlan0 interface just will not connect to wifi no matter what.

I’ve added the wifi connection via the nmcli instructions and it even shows in the connection list but will not connect leaving me with a Hotspot with no access to the internet which is kind of useless to me

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Hello @ccmscotland

If you only need hostpot, you can follow the step below with only one command.

e.g. setup hostpod khadas1234 with passowrd 12345678

sudo nmcli d wifi hotspot ifname wlan0 ssid khadas1234 password 12345678

Yeah I get that part to work fine, but I can’t get the device to provide any sort of network connection to connected devices

Hello @ccmscotland

Are you attach the ethernet cable to the board?

I just saw a video earlier on Youtube of a guy walking through the steps to get this working I think – on Youtube… he had wlan0 connected to his WIFI network and then wlan1 was the hotspot… I can dig up the video if you’re interested.

Hello @ps23Rick

At this moment, you can only setup wlan0 to as hostpot, so please follow the steps above to setup, and you need to connect the board to a router with ethernet cable.

have i understood correctly that you can only setup a hotspot where the internet connection is accessible if the Vim4 is connected to the internet via Ethernet?

i plan to use a 4G module for internet access, and make the connection accessible over the hotspot. if this possible yet?

my only difference is i will be using the desktop version of ubuntu, not server