Well the resolution that works with my RPi 3 is 1366x768x24.
And I’m not able to get that resolution as weel as the fb (virtual) to be the same and work as expected. It is very strange.


It’s possible for VIM to output with this resolution, just need more research and will add into next built if we done it.


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I am also trying to get the Khadas Vim working with the NexDock.

I am having trouble getting the Bluetooth to pair with the Vim (can’t even list device in bluetoothctl) and the same resolution issue. I tried to force it but managed to green screen the display probably with the wrong refresh rate.

Please let me know if you find any solutions or a Linux distro that works with the NexDock out of the box.

Nice to see other NexDockers out there. :slight_smile: