Ubuntu server automatic restart after power loss

I would like to know if it’s possible to configure the vim3 board to do an automatic restart after a forced shutdown caused by a power loss.
And how to do it

If the device has shutdown, It cannot be controlled by the Firmware anymore, KBI will be able to do something there, probably

*KBI (khadas bootloader instructions)

if I understand you correctly, then it works just like that, when I leave home I always remove all voltage, and when power is applied, SBC immediately loads into OS.

Thank you all for quick replies.
I did the test with a VIM3L I have on my desk. First abruptly removing the power cord and second restoring it then the board correctly did the boot.
But that was not the case with a remote VIM3 board that is on the field. I know for sure that there has been a power outage last night and the board did not recover up to the active state.
I’d better further investigate.

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@fguerzoni Were those boards doing something while it was happening, Recording data, etc. ?
I suspect data corruption to have screwed something up…

Video analysis intensive tasks.
The board works fine.
I still don’t have evidence of broken files.
Only logs files were not flushed out
I’ll do more checks later on.
Thank you all.

As stated KBI can set boot triggers. Note KBI inside Krescue does not yet support boot trigger setting. I use the serial tool to access KBI.
It is possible something short of a total power loss, for instance, a brownout or sag could hang the VIM3 and leave it on but locked up. In that case, boot trigger would not come in to play.