Ubuntu ROM Upgraded on eMMC

A few days ago, I write a guidance to install Balbes150’s Ubuntu image on Khadas VIM.

  • The ROM is installed on SD card
  • Must use Linux command line to install the ROM, and also many steps to done that.
  • It’s hard for newbies to try it!

Here we rebuilt the ROM and move it to onboard eMMC storage this time: just one-stop upgrade operation.

Check Firmware Page to download the ROM, and here is some info:

  • Version: Vim_Ubuntu-16.04_V170102.7z
  • LXDE desktop enviroment
  • Rootfs is based on Balbes150’s ROM
  • Rebuilt U-Boot and Linux kernel to match Khadas VIM
  • Rebuilt to support eMMC upgrade
  • Account info:
    • User: root
    • Password: khadas
    • You can create your new admin user to suit your taste after booting

Known issues

  • Videos playback is not very smooth, and cannot play 4K videos
  • Need resize the rootfs partition manually by running resize2fs /dev/rootfs with root user

Upgrade guidance:

Step by step build instructions as following:

Our team are also building Ubuntu Mate, which is based on a more friendly Gnome desktop environment, and will release demo version soon. Here is the draft build from scratch instruction.

Vote and let us know which one comes first

  • Ubuntu Mate ROM 16.04-LTS
  • LibreELEC ROM issues fixup
  • DualOS ROM: Android + Ubuntu Mate
  • DualOS ROM: Android + LibreELEC
  • Others (Pls post comments with the details)

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When will official Ubuntu Mate be available?

Hi all,
I finally received mine, today. The out of the box performance with Android really impressed me.
Now I’m more than ever willing to flash the eMMC to Ubuntu.
Searching through the forum it appears though that it may be wiser to wait for the official Ubuntu Mate (great choice by the way).
Could Gouwa tell us when it’s going to be released ?
Many thanks in advance, and again, what a product so far !