Ubuntu Pro Realtime

Which system do you use? Android, Ubuntu, OOWOW or others?

Ubuntu 22.04 Server with the 6.1 kernel

Which version of system do you use? Khadas official images, self built images, or others?

Khadas official

Please describe your issue below:

Tried to activate the real-time kernel using Ubuntu Pro and the installation failed, since Unsupported platform Khadas VIM2, but it should technically work since Ubuntu 22.04 LTS now integrates the PREEMPT_RT patchset for x86 and Arm architectures out of the box. Any ideas in which ways the Khadas official image might differ from the official one from Canonical?

The default 6.1 kernel we used don’t have the RT patches, so it may not work.

The Ubuntu 22.04 realtime kernel that is supposed to be available out of the box is based on 5.15. During the setup, it replaces the current kernel used in the system. So it shouldn’t have anything to do with the default kernel 6.1.

Then, what is your recommended alternated way to use RT patches? With which Ubuntu version/image?