Ubuntu Primary OS but with Dual-Boot


So While I am waiting for VIM2 drivers/kernel/uboot etc to be posted to github this week (Source for Ubuntu release)

My plan is to compile my own ubuntu and make it the primary OS on VIM2. However since I have so much emmc memory, I might as well add Android (or maybe even LibreELEC later) as an option boot.

However, I dont care about Android and I am not interested in compiling my own - so I would use one posted in firmware. (http://docs.khadas.com/basics/FirmwareResources/)

So the questions are:

.Will the firmware (but uboot probably more likely) allow me to dual boot?

.Have you made a Ubuntu that allows you to reboot in to Android? (Same as your current Android, that option boots into Ubuntu - But the other way around!)

.How could I (or is it even possible) use one of your android images? Would you need to make a special one?

.Time to start thinking about making multi-booting easy on this device. 64G emmc means that I want all these images burned into emmc and a grub-like boot loader.

Have you tried making a grub loader?

offtopic somewhat - How is UEFI coming on?

(Currently Empty)

Yes, will done in this week.(Android SDK has done)

Yes, the current U-Boot support Android & Linux dual os, and you can use our official Android ROM for your own option boot. Check the U-Boot source code for the details.


Just tarball all the images:

  • Common U-Boot
  • Android Images
  • Linux images: initrd, rootfs

You can refer the script set on image_upgrade repo for the further details.

We want to develop UEFI, but will take some time :slight_smile:

Thanks & Enjoy!

This implies that your Ubuntu/Android has this already. I did not see an option in Ubuntu to 'boot to Android’
I will check again.

tarball? But actually this part is probably not so hard to do (more assistance might be needed, I see that dualbooting linux/linux will probably run into issues, since ‘images’/partitions need to have the same name.?

I have and got a basic understanding, perhaps some guidance or howto from your team will help. Particularly a practical explaination/example of partitions (dts/dtb related?)