Ubuntu on emmc and also on SD (help)

I have a VIM1 PRO and I use the Ubuntu 16.04 MATE Desktop with kernel 3.14 and I am very satisfied with the stability and usability.

I would like to test the new UBUNTU XCFE 18.04 release with kernel 4.19 on the SD card leaving the old ubuntu release on the EMMC.

This is possible? With another PC I prepare the SD with the image and how do I do the BOOT board to SD and not EMMC?

Thanks to everyone and congratulations for the constant updates and new products!

I apologize if there is already a post that explains it but I have not found it

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Hello Mattia,

What’s the version of your image? Form version V180531 and latter you can boot SD image the same as Android.

  • Press POWER key and don’t release
  • Shourt press RESET key, and hold POWER key about 5 seconds
  • Release the POWER key, then the system will boot from SD card

Note: Don’t connect the usb cable to you host pc, you should connect to the adapter.

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Thanks, I checked and I should have this version of ubuntu loaded on the emmc.


I tried to execute your directions but I get the black screen and does not load anything.

The thing I do not understand is with the SD card inserted without pressing any buttons I do not load ubuntu which is on the EMMC but the logo khadas remains on the screen.

I used a working tested SD card and I used rufus to write the image on the card.

I will do other tests, thanks again.

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I found this and I think my problem is that I have not activated multi boot.

In order to bootup from SD/USB images, you need Android (V180209 or newer) or Ubuntu (V180531 or newer) running on your eMMC with Multi-Boot activated.

I also found this

In order to boot images from external media you must make sure:

* Android is running on the eMMC
* Activate the Multi-Boot

For different images you may need different Android versions.

* LibreELEC / Ubuntu with Linux 3.14: You need Android M or the latest Android N (V180207 or later) running on the eMMC.
* Ubuntu with Linux 4.9: You need Android O running on the eMMC.

and this:

And the VIM also support dual booting mode from both onboard eMMC or SD card, we design a Function button to support booting mode chose as following:

* power on without pressing the Function button, will normally boot from onboard eMMC
* power on and pressing the Function button, will boot from the SD card.

I tried to use multi-boot with the function keys but I could not do it because it does not even boot me on EMMC … it’s a shame I can not try the new releases of ubuntu on SD

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At this point I think it is not possible to have two different versions of ubuntu.

I wanted to keep the current version with the 3.14 MATE desktop [MMC]
and on the SD card test the new versions of ubuntu

Thanks to those who commented and who read me

There is no such problem if you properly install and configure the system in the eMMC. Set the correct partition labels on the eMMC and you can easily run any number of different systems.

Hi balbes150 It is an honor for me to have your answer to my question. For problems of lack of time I have not been able to dedicate myself to my beloved khadas VIM1 and finally I can do it.

Can you tell me the easiest way to leave an existing UBUNTU installation (old IMG 3.14 MATE) on EMMC and boot with a USB key with the new ubuntu IMGs?

If you think it’s easier, I can try it on SD instead of using the USB stick.

Provisions made by me without success:

1) download from the server the image chosen .IMG file
2) with Win32 Disk Imager program, burn to USB stick
3) start the board and enter upgrade mode

Step 3 explained:

Keys Mode (U-Boot is Running)
Power on VIM1.
Long press the Power key without releasing it.
Short press the ‘Reset’ key and release it.
Count to 10 seconds and release the “Power” key to enter into upgrade mode

Your help is greatly appreciated, thanks

This is possible, but you will need to check a few questions and you may need to use the UART console.

Thanks again!

Unfortunately never used the UART console. I wanted to know if via software or hardware buttons (example going into upgrade mode) it was possible to boot the new ubuntu image on usb key having installed the ubuntu image on the eMMC

Hi @Mattia , If you don’t have mirrors on your EMMC, you can install them directly through USB-C. If you have mirrors on your EMMC, you can install other mirrors via USB-C after you enter upgrade mode via USB key.

It depends on the firmware version. If I’m not confused, some versions Ubuntu for eMMC already have multi-boot enabled and should run any system from external media.

Honestly I hadn’t thought of installing more ubuntu images on the EMMC memory

I don’t think I’m able to do it, I was looking for a simpler solution. thanks anyway for the proposed idea

Here in the forum they told me and I tried but with my ubuntu 3.14 kernel and mate desktop release unfortunately does not work.

thanks for your advice and at this point I hope soon to install a new and more recent ubuntu release and try to see if entering upgrade mode it is possible to boot from an external USB stick.

I would like to try the new releases without having to format the emmc each time and I am unable to mirror the emmc installations

thank you for your time

The forum had a topic where @numbqq described how you can activate multi-boot on any firmware.

Thanks for the tip, I’ll do a search to find the post and, time permitting, I hope to be able to activate multi boot with my current ubuntu release