Ubuntu_Mate update

I’m using this firmware Ubuntu_Mate_17.04_4.9.40/20171223 (Installed on eMMC) and VIM2 MAX.

I am trying to update this version and load some applications but I am facing the space error in the /boot (partition ? ) I tried to make a resize adjustment of the /Boot with Gparted but it is not possible.

Can someone help me? Is this possible?

Where does the firmware come from?

What error you faced?


Firmware came from bables150 Yandex disk.

The description is in the post

Anyone with any tips on this?

I repeated the whole process but in the end I had the same result. :disappointed_relieved:


  • Installation of the original Ubuntu 16.04 firmware (download from firmware page).
  • Recording an SD card with Armbian from Balbes150
  • EMMC Backup
  • Restore Ubuntu 17.04 VIM2_Ubuntu_MATE_17.04_4.9.40

Any help would be appriciated.:slightly_smiling_face:

Write in detail what commands you execute.