Ubuntu Mate Mali GPU Support

Hello, I’m using Khadas vim2 pro with Ubuntu-mate-16.04. In the vim2 specification page you can found that it has a great GPU 750MHz ARM Mali-T820MP3 in addition to an embedded video decoder HW UHD H.265/VP9 60fps 10bit, however on the current linux OS mentioned above i got a lot of video lag while playing almost all >=720 px HD videos or streams. It seems like it has a missing driver or even not working at all.

So please let me know if there is any way to fix this issue, or if there another linux image that supports the gpu. Thanks!!

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There is no image that can play videos using Linux on Vim2 smoothly, it’s not possible for now, it will stay that way with Khadas, maybe someday some other company will make it possible (i am not sure if baylibre is working on s912 soc), but don’t rely on Khadas support.

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that is disappointing!! thanks anyway.

The situation is not what they are trying to imagine. Several independent projects are working on HW. Not everything is working and the process is not fast, but there are already the first results. By the way, these works are carried out including the use of equipment Khadas VIM\VIM2. If you need a working solution for full-screen video playback right now, there are working HW variants with kernel 3.14\4.9. There are mostly dissatisfied with those who want to get everything quickly and for free.

I recommend to try the latest image of Armbian 5.64. Video playback is not ideal, but is acceptable for “home” use in mini PC mode. And for high-quality full-screen video 1080p and 4K you need to use specialized images LE (in which there is HW and everything is optimized for video).


By the way, hi! I’m Lyude, the one who made ^ that presentation. I’m not one for endorsements but @balbes150 is right, Khadas has been a huge help in getting me hardware that I could work on to help move panfrost forward (I have midgard hardware, but it’s old and it doesn’t have great mainline kernel support so getting a system from them that mostly works with an upstream kernel has made things significantly easier). As well, that’s kinda the best you can get right now-the situation has been like this with ARM hardware for a long time. Raspberry Pi’s didn’t used to have open GPU drivers until people started reverse engineering them :). Now broadcom even hires FOSS developers and releases documentation, something they wouldn’t have ever done if they didn’t get a push from people reverse engineering their hardware.


Well, i didn’t know about this project, i’ve heard about Panfrost, but didn’t know it’s for Mali Txxx gpu’s.

As far as i know nothing is working on Vim2 Linux with kernel 3.14/4.9, Vim1 is in much better situation with even Kodi working on 3.14., i am not counting LE because it’s just Kodi Os.

I don’t want to get anything quickly and for free, i’ve bought Vim1, and i was promised a lot that they failed to deliver until this day, a little less than 2 years after buying this board.

We can thank to Baylibre for all that’s now working on Amlogic soc’s, they’ve done an amazing work, and they were funded by another company.

I didn’t knew that Khadas was helping independent projects, that is really nice from them, but from lack of information available, i thought like they weren’t doing anything regarding Vim’s, now i know i was wrong and i am glad i was.

@balbes150, please be careful when writing about other users, when you say about people that want everything to get quickly and for free, you are insulting people that bought these boards, all of this can be said in a polite way, i may not agree with you, but i will never insult you.

Your Linux knowledge is few thousand times better than mine, and your work is really great, but please be careful next time because we are not moaning here, we just want something that was promised from the start.

As @Lyude replied aboved, we did do some(need more) supporting with active developers from the open source community, but we just not mention or anounce thus thing, like some companied did for business reason, as we know that we still have to do more works on Khadas products and even the open source community where peaple, no just limited developers, always sharing, contribute and denote there.

Yes, we have to thanks to them! @balbes150

Actually, it’s off topic here, but still wanna to say more :wink:

We did know that we still not did quite good at the moment, still thanks for the comments, feedback, suggestion and even complain which also push us to move forward.


CEO & Founder of Khadas


Why don’t you write a blog maybe once a month, where you can share with us what are you doing with Vim’s, you are too silent and most of us get wrong impression, like you aren’t doing anything that involves Vim boards.

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khadas is no philantropic but commercial business with some revenue to achieve to keep the business afloat. delivering promised software for old hardware already sold might not be their best revenue maker, so they can be tempted to focus more their ressources on the building of a new line of products and to invest in ads and marketing for it. I am just a hobyist compiling kernels and building firmware at a modest level and i just hope the big linux talents are kept incentivized long enough to help the khadas stuff deliver what we have been waiting for before we get too bored waiting and decide to give up

2 years of silence is a long time, and how it looks today, i am not even sure will my Vim pro be alive when they deliver usable Linux images.

I just want to know what are they doing, it seems that they are only active when a new board gets released.

I knew it wouldn’t be easy to achieve everything in short time when i bought my Vim, but i thought Khadas will get involved much more actively.

But from my perspective it looks like they aren’t doing anything for Vim boards, and i am not pleased with this, if it weren’t for other companies involved, everything would stay more or less the same for Amlogic soc’s.

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I agree. Khadas focus a lot on selling new products, but they completely fail to give proper support to them. There is a long discussion about VIM2 underperforming since several months ago, and they pay absolutely no attention to it. All the requests for an answer from the community have been ignored. I am very disappointed with Khadas, and by no means will buy the Vim Edge.


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I bought Vim pro, it had a decent price.

I did get Vim2 for free, 150$ cost for Amlogic Cortex A53 board with 3/64 is a little too much, maybe with a good software support that wouldn’t be too much, but i don’t believe i would ever buy it because it’s not twice as better than S905/x.

With this level of support, i would say i would never again buy any Khadas board, but time will tell, maybe this will change in the future.

having bought a vim1 pro, i currently have found no reason to buy or even spend time trying vim2 or any 3399 based board

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I know you don’t like to hear from me, but I read your p.s. a few days ago and it does sound interesting.

I assume “specialized images LE” means LibreELEC.

Could you point me to the (preferably yours) correct download page that will run on my VIM2 Max?

Thank you.

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Thanks. I appreciate your help. Have a good day.

Actually, on a VIM2, with the Video Decoder driver & DRM Overlay Plane support being upstreamed, you could using some specialized players like MPV or Kodi to play 4k videos without having accelerated OpenGL, by using the Mesa software renderer. Since the OpenGL will only be needed to update to the “OSD” plane, and the video will be blended and scaled by the Overlay plane HW scaler.
But, lacking time, nobody really had time integrating all this into a LibreELEC or Yocto image…