Ubuntu images missing mipi display support

Official and Fenix builded images missing MIPI-DSI display support.
Dtb file with correct instructions for display is missing.

Here you can see which dtb file should be loaded for display support

Here is what means dtb_suffix variable

And here is all dtb files that is contained in image

Display is confirmed to work at Edge_Ubuntu-server-bionic_Linux-4.4_arm64_EMMC_V20190830 image

Can you show me the build configurations?

$ make info

The MIPI-DSI is only supported on 4.4 kenrel, mainline kernel is not supported,maybe you choose the mainline kernel?

Yes, it was a mainline kernel. Checked on 4.4 kernel and it works. Maybe i can somehow help with MIPI-DSI support on mainline?

Any patches to improve the board are welcome. :slight_smile: