Ubuntu crash when idle 18.04 V191231

I’m using Vim1 for Pi.Hole server.
After setting the static ip address with netplan, everything runs fine.
The os is Ubuntu server 18.04 version V191231.
Then every sometime, the os is crash, I cannot ssh to vim1 and have to hard reset.
Below is the dmesg log, and I found something at the end, maybe it was the culprit but I didn’t understand. Could anyone please help me?

hi, something looks like a broken connection, maybe the router is to blame or the provider?)
If it seems to you that the problem is in the OS, you can try reinstalling

Thanks for your reply.
If it were the router, then why I had working connection in other device? Why did you think the router were the problem?
If it were the OS, then what caused the issue?
What do you think it is the stable ubuntu version for using with vim 1?

@peerobo try getting a fresh Linux image…
You can try this to make a new image…

Or you can tell me I can make it for you…

in fact, anything is possible, if everything was fine before that, and then it became not very good, here you need to track consistently

@peerobo I went ahead to prepare a image for you…
I hope these configurations suit your need…



I will try your config when I have free time. Thanks.