Ubuntu and Debian Image Kernel Updates?

Hi, @Frank and @numbqq
Will the Ubuntu and Debian Images for the Khadas VIM2 series be getting updated kernels soon, to address the latest security concerns, given the latest news?

fenix and Official Ubuntu Images would need to be updated to at least kernel 5.0.8 or later.

Hello CyberManifest,

We’ll update fenix in the next days…



Hi, @numbqq
What is the status on this?
Hi, @Frank
Also… Can You PLEASE release a new image @ https://dl.khadas.com/Firmware/VIM2/Ubuntu/EMMC/
Latest is showing Linux Kernel 4.9
For Security Reasons this should be at least Linux Kernel 5.0.8

Hello @CyberManifest,

@Frank is doing this these days, we will release an image next week…


Thank You Sincerely, the works enhance people’s lives please pass this also along to @Frank. Thank You also for the feedback and kindness. Thank You immensely. Your kindness, efforts, and generosity are not without notice. Please keep forging forward.

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Hi @CyberManifest , This is the new fenix version.Because we were not sure whether there would be a new BUGs(We did some simple tests and found no problems,New tests will continue), we did not push it directly to khadas/fenix.So it’s worth pushing in my warehouse.You can get new ones from my warehouse.Thanks.

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Hi frank, which version of mainline linux kernel is your repo able to build ?
As Nick is also supposed to update the official fenix repo, which of you two has the fenix version that I should use to build my own Ubuntu firmware with up-to-date kernel and flashable on emmc ??

With the latest repo, new repos typically optimize code and fix bugs.So you can safely update your Fenix repository and compile your firmware

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