Ubuntu 4.4 bionic lxde v1.0.7 Bluetooth no adapters found

I tried both EMMC and SD versions and both start with Bluetooth turned off and when turned on says no adapters found.

Am about to test V1.0.6 to see if it behaves the same.

This is the only Linux version on existence that has both DP Alt mode video and battery juice module work perfectly out of the box (it’s like a dream coming true) some please Fix the Bluetooth profile issue Heeeeeelp.

Device used : edge-V max

Image: EDGE_Ubuntu_lxde_bionic_Linux-4.4_arm64_(both EMMC and SD)_V1.0.7-210625.img.xz

I want to see use Bluetooth with my Bluetooth UHID touch screen to see if UHID is enabled in this image kernel . It would truly be the perfect image to ship with EDGE-V to showcase all features.

BTW the DP audio out profile for audio pulse is still not configured.

I don’t know why edge-v doesn’t get the love it deserves. It’s truly the perfect SBC :frowning: