Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS - no wifi option

Sorry, I am admittedly a newbie in this Linux world. I purchased a Vim3 and am loading Ubuntu from an SD card but I am unable to get my wifi up and running.

It appears to be missing the wifi option.

Any suggestions on a fix?

Hello and Welcome to the community,
In Mainline linux there is no WIfi Driver yet. We will have to wait for the manufacturer ampak to release the linux kernel mainline wifi driver to make it work.

You can connect your phone to wifi and connect usb cable from vim3 to phone and use usb tethering for now.

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Thanks for the response… but I wish this was noted somewhere before I purchased the VIM3. Or at least somewhere on the download page before I installed it.

Is there a timeline as to when this will be available. This does appear to be a pretty serious shortfall in the product.

I have also read that a USB WiFI dongle might work.

I agree to this but, there seems to be no timeline from the wifi chip manufacturer to release linux drivers.

Your input was helpful though I am a little disappointed by the choices the choices that were made. But then maybe the fault is mine for not being a little more pro-active in my research. But when a company says that it is wifi compliant I was assume that it would be across all platforms. Expecially one as prevalent as LINUX.

I was able to tether my phone to the VIM3 and get access to the internet but had some issues getting some applications to download to my device (ie. PyCharm and GIMP). But I was eventually able to get them installed…

Thanks again for the assistance.

Hello @00014

You can try legacy 4.9 kernel, the Wi-Fi is working. For mainline kernel, AP6398S is not working.

I just got everything working software wise. But I am willing try it. I will let you know.

Thank you.

Okay… you are right I can setup my wifi but my screen is pink. On startup the screen is black with white text… at some point it goes to blue.

When Ubuntu opens the desktop is pink… the hue on the screen appears to be off. Was not able to determine how to revolve the issue.

Okay I just saw a post that appears to address this. But is there a fix where I can run Android as it is with Ubuntu on my SD card?

For the color issue, if you want yo use Ubuntu SD image, you need latest android in eMMC.

Or you can try Ubuntu eMMC image.

Thanks… it appears to be working with the legacy 4.9 kernel and the lastest Android build.

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