UAPP Internal Hi Res driver on VIM1 with Tone board

Hi Khadas Community,
I just ordered a Khadas Tone Board VIM edition with a VIM1, my project is simple, I will install android 8 or 9 with Universal Android Player Pro or UAPP and try to use the internal "Hi Res driver to play through the tone board without going through the Android mixer, I used this app with my LG V50 and it worked great, I am looking to eliminate the USB connection between the SBC and the DAC to keep the jitter to the minimum (audiophool stuff, sorry).

Looking at the supported devices of the UAPP developers, I didn’t see the Khadas listed , so I will try to help them debug the board if they are interested, I will also keep this post updated.

I searched for a topic like this but I couldn’t find anything, any comments, suggestions or help is welcome.