Typical voltage for the RK3399?

What is a good voltage for this processor?

On all of my Khadas boards i use the white 3amp Khadas power pack but im curious what is a good voltage for the RK3399?

I have another device CSA96 and im using a Mean Well power supply for it and it has a little adjustment to turn the voltage up or down a little.

I have it set now at 5.20V under load with the unit on and running.

Does this processor need a little more juice then other processors? i figured if anyone you guys would know the most about this stuff

The problem im having is when playing Asphalt 8 (what i normally use to stress these boards) im getting some strobing and some lag but its not heat related because i keep an eye on that and keep checking it touching the board and heatsink. The heatsink is epoxied on the chip with artic silver epoxy and the flip side of the board i use another heatsink with a 5mm thermal gel pad like the Khadas does so the only other thing is its starving for voltage or the android version im running on it isnt setup as good as it can be fore this board.

hi, on what firmware?

Hello, I have had issues when powering the Edges with 5vdc, even with no USB connected peripherals.
I have the Edge+Captain, it has a standard barrel connector on the Captain, that runs great on 12v@2A. Otherwise both Edge and Edge-V perform well on the Khadas 24W PD PS. I think that setup defaults to 12v on negotiation.

15W minimum for that puppy, it takes a lot of energy compared to all the other boards, I am not sure about he feature size, maybe 16nm, and that just means a lot of power consumption

well im talking about a different unit then the Khadas, but i wanted to ask here because you guys seem to know alot about these compared to other forums that dont seem to be as active

The firmware im using on the CSA96 is the R99_17_03_2018_7.1.2

But to be honest it seems about the same as the stock firmware, the only difference ive noticed from stock to this R99 firmware is the look and order of the different versions. The chip performance with video doesnt seem much different

the quality of the firmware itself also depends a lot!

Well ive tried 2 so far, the stock firmware was android 6.0 and the one on it ow is 7.1 the graphics didnt seem to change. I kinda thought maybe it was just factory second processors and they wernt up to par that other higher end brand boxes use?

There isnt much support for this box that ive found. It was my first RK3399 board, it works but not as good as others

you yourself called the key problem!

wel thats why i asked about power, since both firmwares sort of ran the same way i hoped maybe the chip was starving for power and maybe thats why it was hesitating at times but still running cool.

I bumped up the voltage on the power supply from a flat 5.0V to 5.20 but i didnt notice it helping much so your probably right its probably not hardware its software.

It was worth a shot though

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In any case, I am sure that Khadas is our right path!

yeah the Khdas units are keepers for sure

Have you been over to Freaktab to see of they can help?
Maybe one of the developers there has an offering for that box.

The downside to that box, power wise, I assume 5v is the only option. How many amps does your 5v supply offer?

Its a mean well psu, its 3 amps with an adjustable voltage but im not sure how high or low it can go i just tweaked it a little.

The stock wall wart said 2.5amps but those are so dirty ive never used it and dont use any of the wall warts that come with these boxes.

I use the meanwell supplies on all my cheap boxes. The Khadas i only use the white Khadas supply so i dont even worry about those