Type C to C connection

I believe there was a similar topic about this (on Mac?), but that ended with using a A to C adapter
I want to ask if there’s any solution on solely using a C to C connection with the TB, as I believe USB-C basically comes with OTG function already
want to do this because this allows a better transition from laptop to smartphone for me.

My main problem being that with a C to C connection, the TB can’t be detected not powered (500ma should be doable with my devices), a C to A connection works fine as expected though


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Hello, The TB’s USB-C port uses USB2.0 protocol, so it will operate as a USB2.0 port. This will necessitate an adapter between a host’s USB-C port and the Tone Board.

I see, so an adapter is still needed.

May I ask why 2.0 protocol will require an adapter between the host and the device?(TB) shouldn’t the design of type c eliminate this issue.

Sorry, I am not an expert on this, I have no Mac experience and little on USB-C. But for other mac users, USB-C to USB-C cable did not work. I don’t know why specifically.

Tone Board’s specifications and/or schematic may help explain this. Not sure the TB’s port is wired to the USB-C standard.

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Oh I’m actually on Windows and Android (was referring to another post which was on Mac, it just happened to be about type C as well)
But anyway, thanks for the help

Ah the reason is simple, I believe the USB C port on the Mac is a thunderbolt 3 port not a USB 2.0 port, that should solve the Dilemma, :slightly_smiling_face:

will probably need some pull up resistors as well if the port on the tone board is just set up as USB2 (which having looked at the schematic it is) - USB C needs pull down resistors (5k1) on the CC pins (A5 and B5 of the USB header) to signal that there is a device connected. An apaptor cable will have these resistors in it which is why that will work. From a look at the pictures I can find online for the tone board you cant get at either A5 or B5 as it will be under the USBC header so an apaptor is the only way to go unless you open up a USBC cable and add the resistors to it on the cable side of the connector - possible as ive done it for testing a failed iteration of my crypto miner board where i neglected to put these resistors in :slight_smile:


I see, yeah I read about the CC pins on type C to signal about the host as well. Welp guess adapter it is.

Thanks for the answer though.

Yep, to support C to C cable, need to pull up 5.1K registors as below:

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the 5k1 resistors pulled down (0v) there are for the host end, for a device end you 10k pull up (+5v)

I think you should be get wrong, can you check it again where you got the information?

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yes - you’re right - i am wrong! Sorry about that - I pulled it off the schematic for my miner PCB and looked at the downstream facing ports and not the upstream facing ones. The correct values are 5k1 as you say

So where do I find an adapter? I want to play music from my Samsung note 10 to my tone board. I setup power via gpio 1 and 21. I can only get audio out of my windows 10 machine from USB a connection. The USB c does nothing. Same thing when plugged into my phone, tablet, or my brother’s phone.

Hello, Tone board USB-C port functions as USB2. Some Apple users have used a USB-C to USB-A female adapter, then used the USB-C to USB-A cable supplied with the TB.

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