TwisterOS Armbian V2.0 for Khadas Edge (RK3399)

Twister OS Armbian is a fully featured, fast and lightweight desktop OS based upon Armbian Focal 20.04.2 LTS (aarch64) for Rockchip RK3399-based SBCs that is designed to work “out-of-the-box.”


  • A RK3399-based SBC/development board with 4 GB of RAM and a 16 GB of microSD/eMMC storage is strongly recommended. (It is currently best supported on Rock Pi 4B, Rock Pi 4C, and RockPro64 boards) We have successfully test it also on NanoPiM4, NanoPiM4V2 and PinebookPro. We didn’t have a Edge-V board to try on.

Some of Twister OS Armbian’s features and specifications include:

  • 5.10.21 Kernel(On Newest 2.0.0 version)
  • XFCE desktop environment with Xfwm4 window manager
  • Latest Panfrost GPU drivers with desktop hardware acceleration
  • OpenGL 3.1 is also supported with fully updated Mesa 21.1.0
  • Kodi and MPV media players with built-in hardware acceleration support
  • Installer for Chromium Media Edition via a Docker container for watching streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Apple TV+, Hulu, Spotify, and others. (optional)
  • ThemeTwister application to completely change the appearance of your OS. Choose from a variety of themes ranging from modern to nostalgic (a reboot is required when switching themes).
  • Includes a number of retro gaming emulators – PPSSPP, DOSBOX-X, Mednaffe, Mesen, Mupen64Plus, PCSX ReARMed, Retroarch (Tested functional, but not included), Redream, ScummVM, and many more…
  • BOX86 with latest updates included for running x86-based software.
  • uSD and eMMC booting supported. (RK3399 - NanoPi-M4 requires re-seat of HDMI cable on power on due to firmware limitations, and supports MicroSD at this time)
  • A number of useful, carefully curated apps are included, such as: Steam, Lutris, Discord, My Android, Wine Desktop, USBImager, LibreOffice suite, Transmission, Gimp, MELD, VLC Player, Audacious, etc.
  • Vivaldi Browser is included with HW acceleration support.
  • A sample of OpenGL games are also included for your enjoyment.
  • Overclocking and hardware profile support out-of-the-box.

Known issues:

  • Bluetooth audio is not working yet
  • Kodi repository is missing and needs to be installed manually (sudo apt install kodi-repository-kodi)
  • Docker Container requires performing some extra steps to fix a no-HDMI audio issue. (Fixed via pavucontrol, and selecting proper output device)
  • No hardware acceleration for video playback yet.

General Instructions:

  • Download New Version 2 RK3399 image from website:
    Twister OS
  • Prepare your storage media for flashing
  • Flash image with Balena-Etcher or USBImager
  • Edit /boot/armbianEnV.txt file and select correct DTB file that matches your RK3399 board (Default DTB is RK3399-RockPi4B) | Case sensitive! | Example: rockchip/rk3399-khadas-edge-v.dtb
  • After first boot, resize EXT4 partition using GParted or Disks utility (included)
  • Default password is: asdasd

Changes from 1.1.0 version:

  • 5.10.21 Kernel
  • Vivaldi Browser is the default browser with full GPU HW acceleration support(Firefox and Chrome are still included)
  • Conky desktop system monitor has been included by default on 2.0.0 release
  • TwisterOS diagnostics utility is now included
  • Winetricks has been added for better x86 emulation support
  • Stable Panfrost/Mesa has been included to have OpenGL games and retroemulation artifacts free.
  • Improved GUI responsiveness on XFCE, faster performance on desktop
  • Flameshot screenshot utility has been added
  • USB Imager has replaced Balena Etcher
  • Option to resize partition has been included on desktop
  • Chromium-Docker has been updated and no longer requires chmod permissions to run
  • New Dark Themes are available via ThemeTwister utility
  • Jstest-gtk has been added to have joystick support on retro gaming/openGL games
  • Mupen64plus N64 emulator issues with visual glitches/artifacts have been fixed.


TwisterOS Development Team


Looks very nice. Hope to try it in the coming days.


Coming soon to TwisterOS Armbian 2.0.0, BOX64 emulator which will offer a broader compatibility with x86-64 bit games in Linux ARM 64 bit platform. Many thanks @Ptitseb from TwisterOS development team.

A little Preview, after one month of development only:


TwisterOS Armbian 2.0.1 patch is here.
Please note this is the first patch we are releasing that doesn’t need to wipe out/reflash previous build. Newest full 2.0.1 version it’s also been uploaded to main site.
Also, after updating to latest 2.0.1., there will be a TwisterOS Patcher icon that will be used to update to future releases.

To download 2.0.1 patch:

To download 2.0.1 full version:

Version 2.0.1 patch notes:

  • Added a proper software store
  • Added Twister OS Armbian Patcher app
  • Added Vivaldi and Gnome Software to iTwister themes dock
  • Fixed a bug in DynamicWallpaper
  • Updated Twister 10 theme icons
  • Updated Discord icon and shortcut
  • Updated Twister OS graphics
  • Updated README


  • chmod a+x
  • ./

wait 10 seconds, patching process will start automatically

  • It will reboot automatically once it’s completed.

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I tested twister os, on sd card.
no wifi.
no fan.
I did not succeed in changing the boot, with khadas. I am a great beginner.

  • Edit /boot/armbianEnV.txt file and select correct DTB file that matches your RK3399 board (Default DTB is RK3399-RockPi4B) | Case sensitive! | Example: rockchip/rk3399-khadas-edge-v.dtb.
    a helping hand to change that.

I use ubuntu and wind 10 in dual boot. i searched, but saw the image on sd and root, i have no root rights.
I wanted to test it, no current linux can play netflix, prime video, mycanal. Maybe one day.

thank you

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Under Ubuntu you just type in the Terminal
sudo dolphin
(replace dolphin with your file manager app name eg. Nautilus)
then type your username password.
The file manager app will open with root rights to change files.
After making changes, close the file manager so you don’t accidentally use it to create root files on your hard-drive.


You can just use terminal(CMD) to edit armbianEnv.txt
From Ubuntu, go to terminal:

- sudo nano armbianEnv.txt
replace rk3399-rockpi-4b.dtb file with rk3399-khadas-edge-v.dtb
- Save it (CTRL+O)
- exit (CTRL + X)
- Reboot

If nano is not present/installed, go to terminal:
- sudo apt install nano

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It can play in 32bit mode in chromium browser.

TwisterOS Armbian 2.0.2. Patch is here.
Please note this is the second patch we are releasing that doesn’t need to wipe out/reflash previous contents from TwisterOS Armbian installed on uSD or eMMC

To download 2.0.2 patch and install it manually:

Version 2.0.2 patch notes:

  • Switched to Ubuntu repository version of LibreOffice to enable GTK support
  • Updated Discord app
  • Updated Twister 10 theme icons
  • Added/updated Twister OS Wallpaper
  • Chromium Browser | 32-Bit mode playability supported

Instructions to automatically install 2.0.2 patch:

  • Launch Lightpad (F1 by default), then click onTwister_OS_Patcher Icon

  • Click on “See Update

  • Click on “Install 2.0.2

  • Wait until Prompt to Reboot

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Twister OS Armbian version 2.0.3 UPDATE has been released!

Version 2.0.3 patch notes:

  • Updated Discord app and icon
  • Updated Conky profile to show stats for 6 CPU cores
  • Improved audio quality of startup sounds
  • Added fix to address Box86/Steam GTK error
  • Added rice video plugin to Mupen64Plus
  • Added Twister OS wallpaper
  • Updated ThemeTwister to no longer require reboots when changing themes

Thanks to @dangeruss26 from TwisterOS team for his wallpaper contribution.

Please follow same procedure as utilized for previous patch versions via TwisterOS Patcher App:

In case you are unable to update using TwisterOS Patcher App, you can also use a manual procedure:

  • Download latest 2.0.3 patch from:

  • Edit /usr/local/bin/twistver
    - sudo nano twistver

  • Change it to“Twister OS Armbian version 2.0.2” without quotes.

  • Ctl+X to Save it.

  • chmod a+x

  • ./



A full TwisterOS Armbian 2.0.3 image(2.5G) is now available for download from TwisterOS website.


Box64 has been officially released. Box64 public repository is now available.

Box64 obviously will be included in next TwisterOS Armbian version.
Wine 64bits now runs thanks to Box64.
Many thanks to Ptitseb from the TwisterOS Develpment Team


5.13.5 kernel brings some improvements over default 5.10.43 kernel on twisteros armbian 2.0.3. even running from uSD. It’s recommended to switch to 5.13.5 for overall better performance.

Sandisk Thumbdrive performance over USB3 port on Edge-V-Pro

NVMe_performance on Edge-V-Pro with Evo Plus 970. Some low writing speeds right there. WD SN550 performs much better.

Edge-V-Pro seems to prefer low power NVMe drives such as WD SN550.

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